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Apr. 4th, 2017 @ 10:54 pm Bye bye LJ
This week, I have been mostly feeling: sad

OK, the new ToS are... not of the good.

Details here but basically your privacy's shot to hell, and most worrying of all, the English translation isn't binding, the Russian original is.

Well, I can't read Russian, can I? So... I guess that's it. I'm importing it to Dreamwidth and then I suppose it's time to delete for good.

Tis a sad day.

Those of you reading this on LJ, I don't know how long the import will take, but the username is my usual one, hit me up on Dreamwidth, or alternately I'm wolfqueenawoken on Tumblr. Fic is still on Ao3.

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Jul. 31st, 2016 @ 06:57 pm Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
This week, I have been mostly feeling: annoyed

Script came out today! Needless to say, I purchased it and have finished reading it, because if I can do a 700 page book in 5-6 hours, I can surely do a much shorter script in half that.

Spoilers beneath! )

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Mar. 19th, 2016 @ 01:56 pm Medium
This week, I have been mostly feeling: contemplative

So, may have joined Medium.  It’s a social blogging site which I’ve been told is a bit like Tumblr for grownups.  I’m not sure what they’re trying to imply there. ;)

Regardless, I keep getting linked on Twitter to interesting posts on Medium, so I’ve bitten the bullet and created an account.  Given that Medium Actually Allows You To Interact With Readers due to a Proper Commenting And Responses Facility Unlike Tumblr, I have a feeling it might be something of an improvement. If, of course, people are using it (the recurrent problem with LJ, alas).

Anyhow, while Twitter allows one to import all followers/followees who are also using the service, Dreamwidth and LJ do not.  So mine is on:


I have no idea what sort of content it will have, and I still don’t entirely know what in the way of fannish content is on the site in general.  But I can track a few tags and find out, no?

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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 10:30 pm I may regret this but..
This week, I have been mostly feeling: excited

I’m considering applying to join UK Mensa.  Online IQ test went OK.  Practice test in the post.  Actual exam conditions test booked for 20th Feb.

And yes, yes, I know Tumblr’s probably chock full of posts about how IQ tests are the ev0lz and discriminate against non-Westerners and/or don’t measure anything other than how well you can take IQ tests.  I’ve heard all this... but I’ve always been curious about mine.

So, er, I’ve arranged to do a test.  And I should also mention that there’s a personal reason. I used to know this really right-wing Christian guy back in university who claimed his IQ was 150 or something like that, and used it to lord it over people.  When he asked me, I mentioned I’d heard IQ tests weren’t terribly accurate as barometers of intelligence.  His exact response was “why, did you fail?”  Because he was a bastard like that.

Anyway, I shall be taking a proper test about three weeks from now, and should I get into Mensa, I shall be sure to dedicate it to him.  XD

And if the result is disappointing, well, at least I have the consolation that even if my IQ is a bit lower than I thought, at least I don’t seriously believe Adam and Eve and the Virgin Mary were real, so I still win.

(He did, and that was the point I stopped associating with him - when I realised him and many other Christians aren’t just going along with it to fit in or because the Bible says it so they sort of have to as a way to profess loyalty even though they privately acknowledge it’s all/mostly bollocks.  They actually believe it’s real.  That was the point I had to stop before my brain exploded.)

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Dec. 26th, 2015 @ 07:03 pm Road to Little Dribbling
This week, I have been mostly feeling: weird

Currently reading Bill Bryson's new book The Road to Little Dribbling - it was a Christmas present from [personal profile] envoy. It's a sort of sequel to Notes From A Small Island, which was this bestselling travelogue back in the 90s, and seeing as it's 20 years since the last one came out, he's brought another book out.

It's a good read. He's a good writer. There's some definite funny bits. And yet. Notes From A Small Island was definitely a travelogue - it was a naive foreigner abroad in a foreign country, writing about what he found, and that was the charm. It's like finding out what other people think of you except it isn't personal so it's funny rather than potentially embarrassing.

The latest book is different. Bryson lived here for years and still does. He married an Englishwoman. His kids and grandkids are English. He lost his native accent some time ago, or at least can drop it. It no longer reads like a foreigner's opinions. He's gone native, and it is no longer an outsider's opinion, but one of us complaining. It's now a tale of Old Man Failing to Cope with Modernity. See: inability to manage McDonald's, not allowed to have his own smartphone due to absent-mindedness, constant wailing about how the country is falling apart. Maybe it is, but the way in which it's falling apart is a crisis, I think, unique to him. He saw an illusion of pretty villages and nice countryside, but never saw the reality, and now the illusions have gone, he's distraught... about the loss of a country that never existed outside his head. He complains that no one has ornate front gardens any more, and yet I think it was him in a previous book that said the English made their back gardens for their own use but the front garden as a status display for the neighbours. And now we live in a society where we don't know our neighbours that well, where both partners are likely working and don't have the time to maintain elaborate front gardens they're not using, and where fewer of us have garages, more have cars and onstreet parking is at a premium, and he wonders why we've all paved our front gardens over and turned them into car parking spaces. We don't have the time, we don't have the money, we don't care about impressing the neighbours nor do we greatly fear their censure, and a guaranteed car parking space is more valuable than a useless status symbol... and Bryson complains that Britain isn't pretty enough any more. Now he's an entertainer, not a campaigner, but it's a common feature. He's been so enchanted by the pretty illusion, he doesn't realise how economic needs have shaped the landscape for literally centuries if not longer and still do. I don't think he sees this country as really real, just some sort of fairyland, and now he's immune to the glamours, he's heartbroken. Poor sod.

Bit disappointing, but the book's a good read as long as you don't expect too much.

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Nov. 29th, 2015 @ 04:36 pm Best pun ever!
This week, I have been mostly feeling: amused

Pig face has ruined the cabinet. *dies* Best ad of the year by a mile.

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Nov. 26th, 2015 @ 07:16 pm Happy Thanksgiving, America!
This week, I have been mostly feeling: amused

So if you're celebrating Thanksgiving by spending time with all the relatives you never normally see, here is the Mary Sue's Guide to Surviving the Holidays with your Conservative Relatives. Some of this is cross-cultural, so my fellow Brits may find this handy when Christmas comes around.

I wonder if conservatives have the same problem in reverse. Do you think young Tories have crib sheets on how to cope with their lefty parents? ARE there any young conservatives who were actually raised by socialist types? Questions for the ages.

Tonight, I am watching highlights of the England/Germany footie game. It's on BBC3 right now! Don't spoil me! It's the women's footie match. I don't know about anyone else, but I just find it more interesting than the men's game. Not to mention that during this year's world cup, the women of my office, who normally don't even mention the game were suddenly watching and discussing it like men do. And staying up to the early hours to watch games. It was truly intriguing to see!

I sadly didn't keep up with the club game, but the fact that there's international highlights on the BBC is making me squeal. Of course, LIVE COVERAGE on BBC1 would have been preferable, but can't have everything. Although they're also playing Bosnia on Sunday and I think that might be getting screened. Excellent, that's my afternoon sorted.

I have tag called 'ladies kicking balls' apparently! I had no idea but it's perfect. :D

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Nov. 26th, 2015 @ 06:55 pm Training day
This week, I have been mostly feeling: blah

I just got back from one on intermediate use of Access. As with all these things, there are bits I did not know but were useful, bits I already knew and bits I did not know and will never need. All made that bit more awkward by me being the sole attendee. I had no idea until I got there. AWKWARD.

Also one other guy in the waiting room there for a sales course but didn't appear to know what he was supposed to be attending. Weird!

Think it went more or less OK in the end, although the report functionality of Access is not something I'll ever likely use. I am all about the fancy tables and queries, me. And trainer dude was all pointing out bits of SQL code and saying that's the complicated stuff. Didn't have the heart to tell him I already knew a bit of SQL. Or that the bit of code he pointed out was really not hard. Coworker B the SQL Guru (srsly, that's what we call him) would have been too busy suppressing his laughter to respond. All the same though, I did learn stuff.

Anyhow, it's done. Here's hoping it's useful.

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May. 3rd, 2015 @ 07:28 pm Dutch Tumblr, stop taking the piss
This week, I have been mostly feeling: amused

So there's this meme on Tumblr whereby someone is collecting translations of the phrase 'I love you'. They started with English, and asked people to reblog with their native language's equivalent. So a great number of people from all over the world have done so and we've got this.

The full list )

All lovely, eh? Not quite. You see, I once dated a Dutch guy, even gained a passing familiarity with the language, and I know it's in the same language group as English and German... and the Dutch line in there is definitely not what I was told the Dutch version of 'I love you' is. So I ran it through Google Translate.

It turns out some wag in Dutch Tumblr saw the meme, decided to have a little fun and instead of entering 'I love you' instead entered 'Get your filthy hands off my bike'. 'No one else speaks Dutch' they thought. 'It'll be hilarious' they thought. 'This'll get reblogged all over Tumblr with no one any the wiser' they thought. And nearly 400'000 notes, and it's just possible they were right! Apart from other Dutchies who either cackled on seeing it and kept quiet, or posted their responses in Dutch so no one else would know.

Well played, Netherlands. Well played. ;)

(Unless it's genuinely a term of affection in that warning someone not to fuck with your bike is a genuine courtesy as normally you'd just hit the offender with a bike lock and shove them in the nearest canal without even bothering to warn them.)

(Knowing what I do of the Dutch, this would not entirely surprise me.) (They take their bikes VERY seriously.)

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May. 2nd, 2015 @ 09:17 pm LJ Nostalgia
This week, I have been mostly feeling: nostalgic

So I came across this article on LJ veterans who miss the place and it may have affected me a bit. I'm older than her, I came to LJ relatively late in the party, so her talking of LJ reflecting her high school and college years doesn't hold true for me. But the experience does, and it's the same that happened with all of us - people just stopped using LJ. I took a few high volume communities off my flist one day aand suddenly realised my daily read barely make skip=20. It was a bit of a shock.

In the years since, I've travelled around the web, saw fandom had migrated to Tumblr and joined them in the hope it could be a substitute. But it isn't the same. You can't connect in the same way on Tumblr, and certainly not privately. There's not the same intimacy LJ had.

I guess it's just nice to know it's not just me feeling that way. I don't know why we all left when we did. I think in my case it was partly getting sucked into a new fandom with not a lot of LJ presence, partly RL drama and wanting to withdraw from the bi community and therefore avoid them on LJ as well as in RL, and partly a lot of other people just not being around any more. But everyone had their own reasons, and yet all at once, we just all drifted away. I don't know why, although I don't suppose it helped that all the big corporate social media muscled in and took over the internet, and no one ever knew quite how to monetise LJ. Well, wasn't that what Strikethrough was about? LJ's owners trying to run a business and the userbase rising up in protest.

How ironic that we all fled to sites far more corporate than LJ ever was.

But LJ is still here and my account still works and there might be others out there too wondering if anyone is still around. So I'll keep writing and maybe someone will read and comment. Maybe there are others who read their flists from time to time but don't do anything other than lurk. Maybe time, maybe personal preferences... but if it's worry or fear that there's no one left or that they'll all blame you for leaving... don't. I won't judge you, and nor will anyone else if you were ever really their friend. It's more likely you'll get comments welcoming you back, and a general sense of having come home.

Who knows, maybe it'll catch on again. :)

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Apr. 30th, 2015 @ 09:39 pm Skyrim Romance Mod
This week, I have been mostly feeling: annoyed

And so after playing the Skyrim Romance Mod's contents for about five minutes, I've uninstalled it already. It was as I feared. Between the typos in the subtitles, the tired old 'romantic' tropes, the appalling accents, and not terribly well done characterisation of what is supposed to be the lead male romance, I just couldn't deal with it. I mean really. First off, 'Bishop' isn't really a Tamriel lore-friendly name. They don't even have bishops in Tamriel, so it doesn't even mean anything. And secondly, if a man was obnoxious and unfriendly on first meeting and sneeringly told me I wasn't his type, I'd shrug and keep walking and not look back. Come on people, this is NOT how you start off a romantic subplot! And you definitely don't have him, five minutes down the road, after he's just told you you're not his type, suggesting you share his bedroll tonight to keep warm. Ugh!

And that's the one who's supposed to be the principal follower with an entire romantic plotline. Gods, what are the others like??

Also, the lack of conversational choices put me off too. I'd initiate something, Bishop would say something back, and then my character would have just one choice and it wouldn't be anything I'd actually want to say. I could persevere, but literally everything I saw was just riling me more and more.

Long story short, don't bother with this one. You want a more in depth set of romance options, download Interesting NPCs instead, that's got tons of them and they're all adorable.

(No wonder the Romance Mod isn't on Nexus, it'd get downvoted like a shot.)

(Seriously, I could have written better than this.) (I think I have written better than this...)

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Apr. 29th, 2015 @ 09:29 pm Skyrim mods
This week, I have been mostly feeling: relaxed

So anyway, I'm a bit obsessed with Skyrim as you may have gathered. Yes, it came out in 2011, and you know what, it's still awesome and I still love it, and now I've got a top of the range laptop to play it on, it's EVEN BETTER. And it looks stunning and there are mods. SO MANY MODS.

What it says about the vanilla game that I now can't envisage playing it or indeed recommending it to anyone else without them installing about three million mods first, I don't know, but hey, I love it. I picked it up again recently after a bit of a break, started with my level 35-ish Altmer battlemage Liriel, and, er, I'd forgotten how powerful her Destruction spells had got. "Right, let's try Wall of Flames, see if that works - bugger me, I just killed three bandits in one go..."

Anyway, it occurs to me some descriptions and reviews of the various mods I am trying might be worth documenting, so here's the latest one I'm trying. It's the Skyrim Romance Mod, which I am still downloading and have yet to actually play. It promises lots of romance options with finely chiseled specimens of masculinity... but alas it's a bit heteronormative. No queer ladies to be had. :( And the only female character featured prominently appears to be a rival love interest more than anything else. :(( Also two men fighting over you... and no threesome option. Sigh. Nothing whatsoever for men, queer or otherwise. Oh and there's one character whose first interaction is an attempted capture/robbery who I think is supposed to impress the player with his manly dominance. All I can think is 'is there an option to kill him? Please say yes'. None of my Dragonborns, queer or otherwise, have time for that sort of bullshit, or tolerance for anyone who thinks themselves the Dragonborn's superior, because lol no, we can breathe fire and kill dragon gods, we're not scared of some overstuffed bandit.

So yeah, I'm not entirely sure if I will enjoy this one, but I feel I ought to give it a go because someone I know in fandom apparently writes for it. I will let you know how I get on.

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Apr. 28th, 2015 @ 11:04 pm Sketching the Coalition

AKA a spur of the moment to attend a Guardian Live event involving two leading political satirists working for the Guardian newspaper talking about their work and politics.

It was hilarious. Steve Bell, long-term cartoonist and ardent leftie, who’s been drawing piss-taking cartoons in the Guardian for literally YEARS, and John Crace, political sketch writer for the Guardian who’s only been there a few years but is apparently quite good. Anyway, it was basically them and female MC talking about the election campaigns and the political establishment, and Steve Bell showing off his cartoons and explaining why exactly he starting drawing David Cameron as this grotesque pink caricature with a condom on his head, and George Osbourne in a gimp mask and Ed Miliband as a panda. You kind of had to be there. ;)

Read the rest, also I hope I still remember how to do LJ cuts )

But apart from that, good evening. Tempted to join the Guardian membership scheme now, if there’s more where that came from...

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Sep. 10th, 2012 @ 12:06 am Exciting weekend!
This week, I have been mostly feeling: geeky

Had a date with [personal profile] envoy on Saturday, and it was awesome. We went to the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. It's AWESOME. They have actual props and actual sets and an exhibit on how they did a lot of the animatronics, and they sell actual Butterbeer (doesn't have alcohol in it, but we reckon it could be easily recreated with vodka in it), and you get to walk around the Great Hall and Diagon Alley sets. Then there's this amazing bit at the end where they have a gallery of the concept art and then Spoilers )

Then I went a bit mad in the gift shop and bought All The Things. Including a Slytherin t-shirt, Slytherin robes, Narcissa Malfoy's wand, a Slytherin keyring and a Marauder's Map mug. Oh gods, I am such a geek...

In short, well worth a visit. A bit pricey, but worth doing if you are a fan.

Then we went home and caught up on Doctor Who - both episodes amazing, although I preferred the first one because OMG that ending, just wow. Also got to see Brave, which is Pixar's latest and bloody awesome too. Although I may have ended up in tears at the end. Um. It's not a sad film at all, but that scene at the end just sort of got to me. *sniffle*

ION, the 'lympics are over. :( What will I watch on TV now?? Good thing Mock the Week and Doctor Who are back, otherwise I'd be in complete despair...

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Sep. 3rd, 2012 @ 07:09 pm (no subject)
This week, I have been mostly feeling: cheerful

So anyway, turns out the reason my internet access has been so patchy lately is because there is a fault on my BT line - lots of interference and a noise that is in no way my usual dial tone for the fail. I've been putting off sorting it because the internet mostly works and because I didn't want to have to deal with a BT engineer coming round and having to take time off etc. But I'm also getting a bit fed up with the ropey internet so I finally went on to BT's site to have a look about how to get it fixed.

Turns out you can report faults online really easily. Also turns out this particular fault is quite near the exchange (probably) so no need for an engineer to visit me, they can just sort it. They reckon it'll be fixed by Thursday. As it's a network fault, no charge for me whatsoever.

Can has reliable internet again soon? Hope so! Wish I'd sorted it sooner, would have done if I'd known it was that simple. But it is done so go me.

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Aug. 22nd, 2012 @ 12:16 am Fandom question
This week, I have been mostly feeling: confused

I know I have been a bit out of the loop lately on things fannish, or fan culture-ish anyway, but here is something I have noticed. I am trying to work out if it's due to fannish terminology changing, or non-fandomers getting confused.

Basically, back in the day, fan produced literary works as a collective whole were referred to as fanfiction. Slash fiction referred only to the subgenre of fanfic dealing with male/male relationships. I know that this was definitely the case up until about two or three years ago, although admittedly that is a long time on the internet.

However, I have recently heard some people use the term 'slash fiction' to refer to all fanfiction, claiming that it encompasses opposite-sex pairings and F/F pairings as well as M/M ones. Now, I may be a little old school or behind the times, but if I was in the mood for some boysexin' and got directed to some slash, only to find out that it was in fact a het couple getting it on... I'd be a little disappointed.

Reassure me - people who are actually writing fic and producing art, the definitions my brain's been working on for years haven't just inverted themselves, have they? It is just people with a passing familiarity but no real experience being a little sloppy in their definitions, isn't it?

ION, I appear to have a DeviantArt account! Why, you might ask. I cannot draw to save my life. Why an account on DevArt? Well, I have been browsing for some time, and it appears this is where Skyrim fandom is hanging out. Apparently you can post fic there too. :D Admittedly the fic posting function isn't ideal... but it remains a possibility. They have a Cicero fan club there! My fannish life is complete. Why yes I do have a thing for the insane murdering jester, why do you ask? (Is anyone surprised by this at this point?)

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Jul. 25th, 2012 @ 12:01 am NEW FIC! - With A Dragonborn Like This
This week, I have been mostly feeling: accomplished
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Hello. I do still live! I just own a copy of Skyrim, that's all. Disappearing is perfectly normal for a Skyrim owner. I'm on my fifth Dragonborn, and I found the fandom. Well, specifically, thanks to [personal profile] jenphalian pointing me at the AO3 Skyrim section, I found the fic and then via that, the kink meme.

Then I saw this prompt, and inspiration dawned, and now I can't stop writing and I'm obsessed with crazy knife-wielding jesters. Dear gods, help me.

Basically, the prompt was what if the Dragonborn wasn't a player character, but an NPC? Then someone suggested Cicero, the idea got seconded and now I'm writing an epic fanfic where Cicero's the Dragonborn, Delphine's the Listener and the Dark Brotherhood save the world.

With A Dragonborn Like This... Warnings for gratuitous violence - it is the Dark Brotherhood after all. Also I had problems writing Cicero as toppy but no problem whatsoever writing him as having a thing for women who like to boss him around, so warnings for a nice bit of femdom too. :D

Who needs a social life when you can write psychotic jesters, eh? ;)

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Apr. 8th, 2012 @ 06:29 pm Er... now what?
This week, I have been mostly feeling: bored

Guys. I think I finished Skyrim. Main Quest - done. All Faction quests - done. Civil War - won. Thane of all Holds. All houses owned. Married. Side Quests - done. Daedric Quests - done. I theoretically could play it again with yet another character, but honestly? I think I am a bit Skyrimmed out.

Which leaves the question - now what? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself now. I have found some fic, including LJ's Skyrim Kink Meme (awesome!), but honestly, there's not a lot out there. I could even write my own, but I'm not sure if anyone would actually want to read what amounts to Two of the SR Girls Go To Skyrim. Or indeed Character X from Fandom Y ends up in Skyrim as the Dragonborn, which is essentially what it would otherwise be.

However, there are other Elder Scrolls games. And I have also been pointed in the direction of the Fable series too. So I have Oblivion and Fable III on the way, we shall see if they are any good.

In the mean time, here is an awesome video of the Skyrim theme song performed by two amazing musicians, set in a very Skyrim-esque landscape, with actual costuming and many little in-game references. All it needs to make it any more awesome would be if a dragon turned up. Enjoy!

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Jan. 16th, 2012 @ 07:28 pm Unsettled

By Skyrim, of all things. One of the quests involves being coerced into agreeing to do something for this demonic hell deity, and it involves rescuing a priest of a rival hell deity purely so the first hell deity can get hold of him and punish him for desecrating his altar. I've not got a problem with the rescue per se - if the priest is stupid enough to go back to the haunted house and keep doing the rites that pissed off the hell deity in the first place, that's his problem. But thing is, to finish the quest, you have to go back to the house while the rite's in progress and help the hell deity deliver the smackdown. I'm a tad unsettled by this!

I mean, yes it's part of the game, and yes the priest's a worshipper of hell deities, but watching the guy cringe and be forced into surrendering his soul even though he knows he's just doomed himself for all eternity is more than a little disturbing. You do get a free house out of the deal, and a truly bad-ass weapon as a reward, but the demonic altar and dead body in the basement do rather detract from the value somewhat, and the weapon's powerful but I'm a bit worried it'll steal my soul. So I've basically got a house I'm too scared to sleep in, a weapon I'm afraid to use, and enough nightmare fuel for the next year. Er... thanks?

I think I will have to leave scary weapon in scary house, and then me and Sidekick Lydia will move on and agree never to speak of this again.

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Nov. 27th, 2011 @ 10:26 am That Shiny New Fandom Feeling
This week, I have been mostly feeling: moody

So anyway, you know that feeling when you tear through a seven book series and you loved it, and you want MORE DAMMIT, and you've already been back over it once already, and there's a conflicted and tormented Snape-type who looks like a Malfoy and is ruthless and devious as all hell, and the eighth book is not out until next year, and you need a bloody FANDOM already so you can flail and squee and speculate and read fic about Wasp-kinden of flexible morals... and there isn't one. :(

Nothing. Nil. Nada. Nothing on ffnet, nothing on AO3, no LJ comms, just a few reviews and forum threads, and not everything in the forum threads is complimentary necessarily. Closest thing we've got is the author's own website, which don't get me wrong, is interesting and all, but it's not the same. I am rather disappointed.

All of which is a gentle suggestion that if you are looking for another series of fantasy novels to get your teeth into, now that HP has finished and the next GRRM is not out for some time, you could do a lot worse than give the Shadows of the Apt series a go.

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